Hornblower Represents Codasat in QUEBEC ONLY

Codasat Canada was founded (in 1999) in response to the needs of small to medium-sized publishers wishing to sell their books in Canada. The logistical difficulties of dealing across trans-national borders can be costly, complicated and time consuming. Codasat Canada provides a solution by supplying a comprehensive sales and distribution service. The economies of scale achieved by Codasat Canada can then be passed on to client publishers.

Codasat Canada – Cornell Univ Pr, Interlink Publishing, Jewish Publication Society, Museum of New Mexico Press, New Press, Potomac Books, Sar Press, Silman-James, Univ of Alabama, Univ of Colorado, Univ of Georgia,  Univ of Nebraska,  Univ of New Mexico, Univ of Texas, Utah State Univ Pr

Current Catalogues:

Codasat Spring 2018

Codasat U Nebraska Spring 2018

Codasat U New Mexico Press Spring 2018

Codasat Interlink Spring 2018

Codasat Museum of NM Spring18

Codasat U Georgia Spring 2018

Codasat Cornell Spring 2018

Codasat U of Texis Spring 2018


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